Yoga Classes

Katham Yoga Centre offers Yoga for Mixed Abilities and Restorative Mixed Ability Yoga.  All classes are 90 minutes duration and include a relaxing yoga Nidra (relaxation practice) towards the end of class.  Complimentary herbal teas served after class.  Beginners are very welcome here.  Click on this link to read client testimonials.

The current 6-week blocks finish the end of April 2024 and are fully booked.  The next block will commence the week of April 29th 2024, bookings now open.  It is recommended that you book early as places are very limited.  Click here.

Want to book a one-off class to see if you like Katham Yoga?  You can join any yoga class streamed live online – £10 per class…booking link below.  Brilliant taster to see how you love Katham Yoga – and what’s not to love?

Please click on the links below to go through to bookings.

  • Katham Yoga for Mixed AbilitiesTuesday Evening 6:30 until 8:00pm.  6 week block of 90 minute classes, commencing Tuesday April 30th 2024  £15 per class, block booking only.
  • Katham Yoga for Mixed AbilitiesWednesday Evening 6:30 until 8:00pm.  6 week block of 90 minute classes, commencing Wednesday May 1st 2024.  £15 per class, block booking only. 
  • Restorative Katham Yoga for Mixed Abilities:  Friday 11:00am until 12:30pm. 6 week block of 90 minute classes, commencing Friday May3rd 2024.  £15 per class, block booking only.  
  • Online Class Attendance via Zoom available for all yoga classes. £10 for 90 minute group class including a relaxing yoga nidra.
  • Private Yoga Sessions for fast-tracking progress or for recovery from illness and injury. £50 per hour or £25 per hour each if sharing a class – up to 3 people sharing only.  Contact Jill to discuss and arrange.
  • Private Bespoke Yoga and/or Wellness Sessions (such as sound baths, meditation, Lifestyle Assessment etc), from one hour to a full day, or anything in between, as required.  Perfect for events such as birthday parties, get togethers, date days/nights, hen and stag events, retirement parties etc.  Up to six people.  Contact Jill to arrange and discuss requirements.

All weekly classes are £15 per 90 minute class and booked in blocks of six weeks – £90 in total. Please note, booking is for a six-week course unless stated otherwise. These are small, exclusive, 90 minute sessions for only six people and take place in a beautiful, fully equipped yoga studio.  With such small classes, individual attention can be given to every yogi in the room and advancement is naturally fast-tracked.  As part of the class, there is also a WhatsApp group you may wish to join in order to receive motivational messages and postures to practise.

The studio opens 30 minutes before class for own practice and remains open 30 minutes after class whilst refreshments are served to attendees. 

Beginners are very welcome here…all genders welcome too.

For further information please read on…

Katham Yoga is perfect for people who are new to yoga or who haven’t been engaged with yoga for quite some time as well as for more experienced yogis.  These are 90 minute sessions, working with a variety of Hatha poses from which the whole body (and mind) will benefit.  Every posture is demonstrated with variances ranging from less complex to more difficult, so that the postures are suitable for everyone.   Attention is given to positioning to ensure correct alignment and to prevent injuries.  Emphasis is also placed on the spiritual side of yoga, with guided meditative practices and breath work to really help people relax and unwind.  These are small classes for six people and knowing that this is a supportive group is comforting to many people who are new to yoga.  So, if that sounds like you, book yourself onto a Katham course and start or rekindle your love affair with yoga in a safe, beautiful and nurturing environment.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced yogi, a Restorative Mixed Ability Katham Yoga course may be just what you are looking for.  Are you looking for a gentle, but effective yoga class?  Are you new to yoga and don’t feel very flexible?  Have you found that some of your joints are developing stiffness or are painful at times?  Are you recovering from an injury or illness and although you have practiced yoga previously, you don’t feel confident or comfortable enough yet to join a large, busy yoga class? 

With no more than six yogis per class, sessions are planned around specific asanas (or postures) that are taught with adaptations to suit the various abilities of class members.  These are gentle, slow-paced classes but this doesn’t mean you’re not working hard!  These six-week courses are specifically designed to target major muscle groups and joints within the body, providing whole body strength, stamina, stretch and balance at every class.  With targeted asanas for the class, and carefully working with our bodies and never against them, stiff joints become more flexible over time, and muscles that have become weaker through illness or injury can strengthen.   

Jill is an experienced and friendly, qualified yoga teacher specialising in Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, Recuperative and Chair Yoga.  She is also a Registered Nurse for Adults and  a Doctor of Healthcare Education; when teaching she is supportive, encouraging, enthusiastic and patient.  With Katham yoga, you will discover that your practice is enhanced within a short space of time.  One six-week block can bring noticeable results, not only physically, but also in mind, body and spirit.  Yoga is a calming practice that often brings insights and peace into daily life.

Leave the beautiful surroundings of Katham Studio floating on air and recharged for your week ahead.  A small oasis of calm in a busy world, you will begin to count the days until your next class.

Interested in Private Yoga Sessions to fast-track your practice even further?  Or are you recovering from injury or illness and keen to gain your strength and mobility back? Then one-to-one Katham yoga sessions might be just what you are looking for.  Available at Katham Studio or your own home/venue.  Please click on this link to learn more.

Bespoke Private Yoga and Wellness Sessions or days/half days can be arranged for special occasions and for up to six people at Katham studio or your own venue.  Contact Jill for further information or click on this link to learn more.