Hello and welcome to Katham Yoga and Wellness

We are based in Walsden, a small, sleepy village in Todmorden, West Yorkshire with rolling hills and outstanding natural beauty. The centre provides a small sanctuary of stillness in an often busy and turbulent world.

All classes and sessions take place in Katham Studio which is a truly beautiful room within a gorgeous, old Edwardian vicarage. The beauty of the surroundings really lift the spirit and add to the experience on offer. These are all small, exclusive sessions for only six people, which definitely helps to heighten the experience of whatever offering is chosen.

Katham is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘How?’ In modern life, there is an emphasis on fixing health issues as opposed to preventing them. Katham Yoga and Wellnessfocuses on the ‘how’ of wellness. Here, health is viewed holistically as a combination of body, heart, mind and soul working in harmony or, to put this into practical terms, physiology, emotions, thoughts and intuition working in balance.

There are a variety of different classes and sessions on offer at Katham Yoga and Wellness including wellness therapies such as luxurious sound baths on velvet hammocks and velvet bean bags; sacred cacao ceremonies; sound and gong baths; meditation sessions; women’s circles; mindfulness walks and yoga for all different abilities – beginners are always most welcome here.

For further information or to book sessions, please click on either the ‘Yoga Classes’ or ‘Wellness Sessions’ links in the menu, or on the ‘Bookings’ link where payments can be made.

Remember, these are small, exclusive sessions, so you need to book early to secure a place and avoid disappointment.