See below for a selection of recent testimonials from clients:

Yoga Bookings

“My husband and I have been practising yoga for a good few years but have never been to a real life class.  We booked a private couples session with Jill as a “date day” treat to ourselves.  Jill tailored a class to our requests and made it very special for us with a lovely guided meditation, followed by a relaxing sound bath at the end.  The ambience was perfect in Jill’s beautifully decorated, spacious studio, complemented by her warm and inviting personality.  We had every luxury we could have wanted.  The sounds, smells, visuals and furnishings ensured that every sense was carefully considered and catered for.  We came away feeling very relaxed and refreshed. :)” (Crystal, February 2022, Private Yoga Session)

“Jill instantly made me feel at ease at the very first meeting and continues to make me feel even more comfortable and confident in class.  The studio is such a peaceful, luxurious space to practise in and I am embracing the whole wellness experience.  I am very much looking forward to progressing further in my yoga journey with Jill.”  (Samantha, February 2023, Yoga Course)

“I have absolutely enjoyed every minute of the Wednesday night class.  I feel a lot calmer and relaxed following the class, but feel like I have done a workout at the same time.  You share your knowledge and are a fantastic teacher, you encourage the yogis and this continues through the WhatsApp group, all the extras keep me motivated.  I am really looking forward to the next sessions.  Thank you.”  (Estelle, February 2023, Yoga Course)

“Being a complete beginner and a woman of a certain age I felt scared and apprehensive on my entry to my first session but Jill made me feel relaxed the minute I entered the yoga studio.  It is a comfortable, peaceful space that instantly puts you at ease.  I can honestly say that it has been a life-changing experience that I am eager to continue.  Practicing the art of yoga has helped me mentally and physically.   I suffer with arthritis and I can already feel the pain and stiffness easing.  Jill allows and encourages everyone in the group to proceed at their own pace.  I am so looking forward to my next sessions!  Thank you Jill.”  (Helen, February 2023, Yoga Course)

“I feel so lucky to have found this gem of a yoga class!  After years of running I felt I needed to include some stretching and flexibility into my routine.  Jill has given me this and so much more!!  This wholistic approach has nourished both body and mind and I’ve met the loveliest people along the way.  Thank you Jill, can’t wait for the next sessions.”  (Jackie, February 2023, Yoga Course)

“Have hugely enjoyed my time in the class.  A total beginner starting a new journey.”  (Donna, February 2023, Yoga Course)

“This class is the most relaxing part of my week and has given me so much confidence to carry on.  The Yoga Nidra at the end of class is bliss.  Thank you Jill” (Laura, February 2023, Yoga Course) 

“Nourishment for the body, mind and soul, a total treat on a Tuesday evening”  (Alison, February 2023, Yoga Course)

“Attending the yoga class has been a weekday treat.  As a beginner I have felt very supported with no judgement.  Thank you” (Clare, February 2023, Yoga Course) 

“This has been fabulous.  After surgery and awaiting more, I have been shown nothing but patience and kindness. – made a huge difference, thank you.”  (Lynne, February 2023, Yoga Course)

“Amazing class, wonderful vibe.  Feel very spoilt!” (Jo, February 2023, Yoga Course) 

I attend the Wednesday evening yoga classes which I absolutely love 💕 Jill is an amazing patient, talented and caring yoga teacher and we have lots of laughs along the way.   (Samantha, April 2023 Yoga Course)


Wellness Days and Wellness Afternoons

“What a delightful Sunday, Jill, with lovely, friendly people.  Thank you ever so much for planning a perfect day of self-care.
Welcome: warm and kind.
Venue: exquisite.
Programme: varied, enjoyable and thought-provoking.
Food and drink: fabulous.
A 10/10 from me. 
Such a pleasure to be with wise, witty women and in such a beautiful house and grounds.  I will cherish my memory of today. Thank you, Jill, and all the group. (Not forgetting snuggly Bertie 🐕💕and behind the scenes Co-ordinator, Steve🔥)
Much love.  💕🌞🧡🙏🥰.” (Linda, Self-Care Day, October 22nd, 2023) 

“An Autumn Day for self-care which nourished the mind, body and soul.
I don’t think I could praise Jill highly enough for such an amazing day from beginning to end. Every attention to detail was extremely thoughtful and wonderful.
The agenda was perfect, with an hour long gong and sound bath,which I found wonderfully relaxing, yoga, forest bathing, meditation, journaling and a helpful stress busting session. Plus a really thoughtful goody bag of treats to take home!
In an intimate and beautiful setting I felt completely safe and nurtured in and with women you feel happy to be with. Oh and the food was divine!
This was a such fabulous day.”  (Andrea, Self-Care Day, October 22nd, 2023)

“Thank you Jill for a gorgeous Autumn day of wellness 🍁🍂 magical forest bathing, mindful meditation and gentle yoga in amazing welcoming surroundings 💕 with divine buffet lunch and amazing cakes 🍰 lots of laughs with beautiful like minded women added to this special day x can’t wait for the next one 🥰”  (Samatha, Self-Care Day, October 22nd, 2023)

“The afternoon of self care and wellness at the Katham Yoga Centre is a wonderful blend of yoga, meditation and affirmation.  The yoga studio is a delight and everything you need is supplied for you, including yoga mats, cushions, bolsters, blankets, etc.  Gorgeous refreshments are also included.  Jill is a very inspiring yoga teacher.  So much thought goes into the whole experience, so participants can just relax and enjoy every moment.  It was all great but my favourite part was the sound bath.  This is a very inclusive afternoon in a safe space, where everyone of every ability is catered for.  Loved it.  5 stars from me – 10 out of 10.  Excellent value for money too.  Can’t wait for the next one.”  (Patricia, Wellness Afternoon, May 21st 2023)

“I attended another fabulous half day of wellness on Sunday with Jill and a fabulous group of like minded friendly women 💕 the afternoon was filled with positivity and intention setting, relaxation, a magical sound bath and finished off with gentle yoga 🧘‍♂️ a glorious sunny day with the most amazing vegan chocolate orange cake and tea on the lawn x thank you so much Jill x just what I needed and can’t wait for the next one 💕😘”.  (Samantha, Wellness Afternoon, May 21st 20223)

“What an amazing relaxing experience! Jill warmly welcomes you into her home and the yoga studio is so beautiful! The sound bath is sublime and the gentle yoga is for everyone as you all do what you can, followed by a meditation session. The afternoon is interspersed with mindfulness activities but there’s no pressure at all and I felt so comfortable. I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon with the intimate group of 6 like minded people all of us wanting to switch off from the hussle and bussle of everyday life.  And there’s a super bonus of delicious vegan goodies to indulge in throughout the afternoon which we ate in the garden enjoying the amazing views xxxx”. (Helen, Wellness Afternoon, May 21st 20223)

I recently attended the full day of wellness which was absolutely wonderful. A lovely group of people and I felt completely and totally relaxed at the end of the day.
The day was filled with gentle yoga, meditation, lifestyle assessment and lots of yummy vegan food, smoothies and delicious cake and tea. 😋 we were also given a gift bag to take home which had the most amazing treats inside x thank you so much Jill 🙏❤️ the day passed so quickly and I can’t wait to attend the next one. I Highly recommend Jill to any new and experienced yogis or anyone who just wants a relaxing wellness day 💕💕💕💕💕 (Samantha, Wellness Day, April 16th 2023).

Sound Baths

“Very relaxing experience.  Beautiful space and atmosphere.  Thanks.”  (Helen, Dec 18th Sound Bath).

“Such an uplifting and comforting experience.  The whole ‘Sound Bath experience’ is perfect from start to finish.  So perfectly planned for customer enjoyment.  Warm fruit juices and spices, tasty vegan food afterwards.  Pure perfection.  Total relaxation guaranteed!  Thank you Jill”. (Linda, Dec 18th Sound Bath).

“So relaxing and meditative.  Such beautiful surroundings and amazing food.  All in all a wonderful afternoon.”  (Nancy, Dec 18th Sound Bath).

“What can I say, my first time and it was wonderful.  I felt fantastic and so much better than I have for a long while (my father has just gone into a home after being in hospital for 4 months).  Jill has so much experience and makes you feel at home too.  Thank you so much, what a wonderful, wonderful time.”   (Melanie, Dec 18h Sound Bath).

 “Very enjoyable sound bath.  Lovely relaxing environment.   Delicious vegan food after the sound bath in a lovely comfortable space.”  (Denise, Oct 23rd Sound Bath).

“A lovely relaxing experience and a very comfortable environment.”  (Karen, Oct 23rd Sound Bath).

“First time doing a Sound Bath and after the session I felt so relaxed.  Lovely calm environment.  I will definitely come back again, I also will be looking forward to beginner’s yoga :)”  (Nicola, Sept 25th, Sound Bath)

“I really didn’t know what to expect but it was fabulous and relaxing and I will come again and the food was amazing.”  (Libby, Sept 25th, Sound Bath)

“Really relaxing and refreshing.  Wonderful food.”  (Lynne, Sept 25th, Sound Bath)

“I attended a sound bath at Katham Yoga and Wellness Centre last week and it was wonderful.  The room is beautifully set up with hammocks and velvet beanbags and I felt so relaxed and at peace during the session.  It was lovely to meet like-minded women and get the opportunity to chat over a delicious spread of tea and snacks when the session ended.  I would highly recommend.”  (Josie, Sept 25th, Sound Bath).