Women’s Circles

Katham Yoga and Wellness offers Women’s Circles as part of Wellness events and also as part of bespoke Wellness Days and half-days.  Contact Jill for further information.

There is nothing so supportive as a group of women listening, gently encouraging, and challenging each other to reach their goals. This is what women’s circles (aka goddess circles) are all about. It’s a chance to work through issues, explore ideas, share dreams and discuss fears and failures and thus learn from them.

Women’s circles are amazingly supportive, encouraging, loving and friendly. Laugh out loud, learn from others, and tell your story to a warm and supportive audience that listens with full attention, all with the assurance that what you say goes no further than the four walls you are sat in.

In a cosy atmosphere of warmth, aromatic smells and candle-light, a set of ground rules are devised between all members at the first meeting. These involve such issues as total respect for everyone’s viewpoint even if it differs from your own, silence when somebody else is speaking, politeness and consideration at all times.

A different topic is chosen each week and everyone gets their chance to speak. Active listening skills are required and, in return, we are provided with patience and empathy. The evening goes very quickly in this atmosphere of love and support. Comfy cushions, bean bags, blankets and mats are provided, but please bring your own if you prefer.

Refreshments are served during the evening.  Next blocks to be announced.

Please note, women’s circles are informal friendship groups and not a replacement for counselling or therapy.