October ’22 Blog

Hi there and welcome to October’s blog. 

Well, September whizzed by very quickly and doesn’t it feel like winter is on its way already with that keen nip in the air.  I’m fighting with myself not to put the central heating on and, so far, we’ve managed with a fire in the sitting room and just a few days where the heating went on for a few hours.  I think October will see it going on more regularly.

I’ve been enjoying my lunchtime walks in the autumn air though, with Bertie (my pooch), all wrapped up cosy cosy.  I march along the canal path to keep warm, with Bertie sniffing every blade of grass along the way and then scampering to catch up with me.  He toys between anxiety not to let me out of his sight, and desperation not to miss a single smell along the way.  It’s a tough call!  🙂

The last Sunday in September saw me hold my first sound bath at Katham Yoga and Wellness Centre and I couldn’t have chosen a nicer bunch of people to attend had I hand-picked them.  Some clients had never experienced a sound bath before and didn’t know what to expect but loved it, and everyone left such glowing reviews it was heart-warming.

I’m gearing up to leave my university post and also start my business full-time which will happen early next year, but, meantime, I’m trying to get my business known in the community so people will book onto my sessions.  I’ve learnt such a lot about running a business in the last couple of months and I’ve come to realise that no matter how strong the passion for your product, nor how perfect it is, if you don’t let people know where you are and what it is that you’re selling, it just wont succeed.  So, the next few months will be spent mainly promoting Katham Yoga and Wellness Centre and what we have to offer, in order to get the message out there.  It doesn’t sit comfortably with me particularly, but I’m going to bite the bullet and do it anyway… as a birthday card I once received read: “no pain, no gain, boogie ’til it hurts.” 🙂

I now have a presence on both Facebook: Katham Yoga and Wellness Centre, and Instagram: Yoga_every_damn_age, so do pop on and ‘like’ my pages and ‘follow’ me please.  I’m going to do some ‘talking head’ videos soon too, as people tell me it’s the best way to advertise on social media as it allows people to get to know ‘the real you.’  Yikes, and there was me thinking I had only signed up for teaching yoga and wellness, and now I’m starring in videos and adverts baring my soul to the world!

Anyway, I can’t wait to meet you in person at one of my sound baths (currently running monthly) or yoga classes (starting in January), so, thank you for reading and, meantime, wrap up warm and look after yourselves, or look after your elves, whichever suits you best.

All good things,

Jill x