Private Clients


Bespoke Group or Couples’ Private Yoga and Wellness Sessions can be arranged for special date days or nights, or for special occasions such as birthdays, hen parties and stag parties.  Organised for up to six people and from 90 minutes to all day to suit your requirements.  Also, a gorgeous, hearty vegan buffet delivered by outside caterers can be arranged if required.  Should you wish to arrange your own venue, this is also an option.

Contact Jill to discuss your individual requirements and to organise something a little different (and a lot healthier) for your special occasion.  A range of prices is available, depending upon requirements, but to illustrate, a 3 hour, bespoke Yoga and Wellness session for six people with food and refreshments, works out at £50 per person.  Click here to read recent client testimonials.

Private Individual Yoga Sessions are offered either in-person or online or in the clients home.  Do you want to fast-track your yoga practice to really increase your stamina, strength, stretch and balance, in addition to calming your mind and focusing your attention?  Are you recovering from illness or injury and want to aid your recovery? Or are you unable to attend in person, but could manage an online yoga class bespoke to your particular needs?   One-to-one private Katham yoga sessions can do all these things.

Working with individuals allows for bespoke sessions to be tailored to your personal needs and requirements, which may include fast tracking your yoga journey or aiding recovery from illness or injury (after consultation with your GP).  Click on this link to read client testimonials.

Some people are keen to fast-track their yoga practice and learn the correct positioning and breathing in asanas (postures), in order to gain obvious results n the fastest time possible.  If this is you and you like to go all out when you decide to do something, then private sessions are the perfect vehicle for really progressing your practice.  Not only will you get individual attention throughout the session, but you will be given a printed, bespoke programme for your own practice to further enhance progress and development.  Private sessions can be provided both in person or online.

Are you suffering from an injury or feeling weak and lacking in energy from a recent illness?  Do you suffer from aching joints?  Sometimes after injuries or illnesses, all that is needed is one or two private sessions and the accompanying bespoke printed exercise programme, which Jill will develop for you and is designed to target the area of weakness or injury you are experiencing.  The printed programme is for your own practice and often, after one or two private sessions and your own follow-up practice, you may find that this is enough to heal the body of minor injuries or strengthen weakened muscles.  You are then able to join a group class in comfort and with confidence either in person or online.  Private sessions can be arranged to take place at your home or in Katham studio.

For more persistent injuries or weaknesses, after the first one or two private sessions and accompanying exercise programme, you can return for additional private sessions at a time interval to suit you, so that a progressively more detailed programme can be designed to aid your healing.  Watch as your body begins to improve with yoga and as your practice goes from strength to strength and your stamina, flexibility and balance noticeably improve.  In addition, yoga is so good for our mental health which can often suffer when we become injured or challenged with illnesses.

Jill is well qualified to assist with recuperative/restorative yoga for illness and injury as she is a Qualified Yoga Teacher (300 hours) specialising in Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Restorative/Recuperative Yoga, and Chair Yoga.  In addition she is a Registered Nurse (Adult) and a Registered District Nurse and Nurse Tutor (on register as: Jillian W. McCarthy).   She is also a Doctor of Healthcare Education and holds a Master of Science Degree in Bioethics  and a Bachelor’s Degree (honours) in Health Education.   Jill is an Honorary Associate Professor of Healthcare Management at the University of Manchester and has spent over thirty years teaching Healthcare Management in university settings.

Private sessions are arranged to suit your preferred day, time, frequency and location.  A variety of packages are on offer, all of which include a free 30-minute telephone or in-person consultation prior to the first visit and a printed bespoke programme of exercises for your own practice.

Online and in person classes are priced below.

  • £50 for a 60-minute individual Katham Yoga session with a bespoke printed programme of postures and exercises for own practice.  Should you wish to join a shared private class (if available), this reduces the price to £25 per person, per hour, with a maximum of three people sharing.  A bespoke programme is designed for each class member.
  • £250 for a block booking of six, 60 minute Katham Yoga sessions with a bespoke printed programme of postures and exercises for own practice. (£50 discount, £25 discount each if shared).
  • £425 for a block booking of ten, 60 minute Katham Yoga sessions (£75 discount, £37.50 discount each if shared) with a bespoke printed programme of postures and exercises for own practice.

To book your one-to-one sessions, please either text, email or phone Katham Yoga and Wellness   Text/phone:  07539 001001  Email: