Law of Attraction Workshops

Katham Yoga and Wellness offers bespoke workshops on the Law of Attraction for up to 12 people.  Contact Jill for further details.

Ever since the publication of ‘The Secret’ well over a decade ago, there has been lots of hype about the Law of Attraction. There are a plethora of books available, many with conflicting ideas and advice. What to do and what not to do to build your ideal life? “Focus on your goals; don’t dwell on your goals; stay positive; the positive times outweigh the negative.” It becomes difficult to know what advice to take.

Jill is in an ideal position to take Law of Attraction workshops having studied this and related metaphysical topics for many years before even “The Secret” was published. The workshops are for a maximum of six people, so individual tuition (and thus clear understanding) is guaranteed. These meetings take place in a relaxed atmosphere with all the tools needed at hand to design and focus on your ideal life. There will be fun discussions, worksheets to complete and ideas to explore.

Running for three hours, these workshops cut through a multitude of misinformation to arrive at the very heart of the Law of Attraction and what works for you to build your ideal future. You will leave with a set of tools and a clear direction from where to start your dream life.

This is an exclusive workshop in beautiful surroundings with only six participants and a fun and informative day is guaranteed.

The cost is £80 including refreshments and all workbooks and materials.

The next workshop will be in early 2023 – date to be announced.