Sold Out: Full-Length Yoga Nidra: Sunday, April 21st, 2:00pm – 3:30pm


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Treat yourself to a full Yoga Nidra – one hour duration, with vegan refreshments served afterwards.  Only £15 per person on Sunday, April 21st from 2:00pm until 3:30pm.

Yoga Nidra is a wonderful guided relaxation that will bring you into a meditative state of mind.  A full Yoga Nidra lasts 60 minutes and consists of 6 guided phases.  You experience the Nidra lay down on soft padded mats with velvet cushions and blankets and all this takes place in a beautiful, warmed room with soft lights and soft music. 

Jill is a qualified and experienced yoga and meditation teacher and you will come away from this beautiful experience totally chilled and relaxed and often experiencing enhanced sleep.  These effects can last from one day to one week and a regular yoga nidra has been shown to have a long-term enhancement to both mood and mental health.   Book now, places limited.